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Howard Chi, Acupunturist

Howard is a bilingual acupuncturist (Chinese/English) licensed in the PA and NJ.  He graduated from Won Institute in Glenside, PA, with a Master degree.

Howard believes our body, mind and spirit are tightly connected as an integral whole and they should not be treated separately.  Many chronic physical symptoms that manifested from a disease can be traced back to some underlying emotional problems that were left untreated for many years.  Likewise, long-term physical health problems can also trigger serious mental illness as we can see in many elderly patients.

Howard’s acupuncture treatment will focus on the root causes, rather than the manifestation symptoms.  Howard believes that once the underlying root causes are resolved, the healing process will take its own course to complete.  This healing process will become patient’s life-time experience and this experience can prepare them to meet many other challenges in life.  Howard’s practice goal is to guide his patients toward a healthy life style and set their emotion “free”, so they can achieve the highest potential intend for their life.

Howard is currently practicing in Philadelphia, PA.  He will join the Holistic By Nature’s healing team in NJ in the near future.

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