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Dr. ChaliyahPenick

Dr. Penick is a board certified, NJ state licensed acupuncturist, and holds a doctorate degree from Won
Institute of Graduate Studies. Prior to studying East Asian medicine, she studied sociology at both Rowan
University and the University of Westminster in London, England before going on to graduate with honors
from Rowan University. Prior to enrolling in acupuncture school, Dr. Penick worked hands-on with
preschool students in the classroom setting. Despite loving her position working with toddlers (the little
people), Dr. Penick wanted to fulfill her life’s purpose of helping people to discover the healing benefits
of natural and holistic lifestyle choices. She was motivated to help people understand the medicinal
benefit of balanced and proper food selection, as well as getting in tune with the innate intelligence of the
human body to prevent and heal illness.
Since 2017, Dr. Penick has been active in administering acupuncture to the community by providing
detox treatments to recovering addicts using the NADA protocol, and treating homeless United States
veterans by participating in the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans (NCHV) annual Stand Down, a
3 day event providing supplies and services to homeless veterans.
Dr. Penick uses a multidisciplinary approach to treating her patients; choosing from various modalities
with the goal of providing the best care for the individual. Although Dr. Penick treats a wide variety of
pathologies, she has a special interest in pain management and scalp acupuncture for neurological
Apart from acupuncture, Dr. Penick enjoys listening to music, running, hiking, traveling, yin yoga, HIIT,
and weight training. When not working with patients, Dr. Penick can be found spending time with her
husband and two sons.

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