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Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.

Janet has always had a passion for the field of psychology and creative healing. She believes that healing through our own personality development plays a key role to creating balance. Sometimes the answers are much simpler then we may recognize. Trusting our own intuition and developing our likes and dislikes will facilitate in us making healthier decisions more closely related or in congruence with our core self.

Janet was pulled toward developing her own private practice due to her primary focus, which is to impart a deeper level of understanding on the meaning of healing. Recognizing the need to offer individualized care on a broader continuum. Holistic by Nature offers, services that include our own energy considerations which is inclusive of the spiritual development of the individual; aroma techniques; meditation; yoga; traditional talk therapy and more. We believe that in order to live a happiness filled life it isn’t only about positive thinking but also how we treat our bodies. This includes nutrition, exercise and adequate resources or support systems, just to name a few. Holistic by Nature is about living a healthy lifestyle, being a well-rounded self-motivating, solution focused, and health conscious peaceful awareness.  

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