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Art Expressions
Building self-esteems

 This group offers teens the opportunity to network with peer looking for the same bully-free space to network and make friends. Topics of focus are geared toward supporting our youth in developing a healthy sense of being. Supporting them in finding their place in the world, while developing their own sense of independence in a healthy way.  Reducing conflict and improving self-esteem. Strengthening our youth in resiliency today. Let's remember the old saying."It takes a village to raise a child."  See ya there.


Exercise Therapy

Elevate your frequency by moving your body! Exercise is proven to increase dopamine production in the brain, therefore boosting your mood and improving your cognitive function. In exercise therapy, we’ll be learning different styles of movement geared toward helping your natural Qi flow. We’ll target areas of your body connected with your specific mental health needs, and let your body’s intuition do the rest. We’ll engage in a combination of high intensity intervals, strength training, tai chi, and more to encourage energetic movement and flow of happy chemicals. Regular physical activity is known to reduce your risk of cognitive decline, including dementia, as well as improve your memory and reduce feelings of anxiety and depression. To encourage consistency, we offer exercise therapy packages and memberships! Get to know your body’s limitless potential. Come visit us and heal your brain, using your body.

Celebration  of Life

               Offered in English and Spanish

Coming together to learn:

How to Cope  with the loss of a loved one. Healing in a safe and confidential setting. Group Members will meet other members that have experienced similar situations. 

Explore their personal grief process. While offering support to others.


Summer in Nature


The purpose of this group is to join together as women in order to experience a sense of bonding, begin a sagacity of uplifting vibrations; together as a sistership that comes from a place of kind-heartedness and consideration, free from verdict. We woman are natures intuition. No matter how old we are, ladies we all need a woman friend. Let’s go pro ladies support structure today!  



Brotherhood Project

mens group.jpg

A men's group is normally composed of 5 to 10 men who get together regularly to talk about their lives and learn about new suggestions on how to navigate through some of life’s various complications. A men’s group goal is to improve the lives of its members via creating a support system. Men's group can take place, online, in-person, or even over weekend retreats. Group talks will be based on issues that some may not feel comfortable addressing with individuals in their personal lives. They may feel embarrassed to tell their partner or best friend about their troubles, or they might decide not to tell them at all. Fortunately, these groups are completely private and a safe space to talk about virtually anything you may be experiencing or previously experienced. Help us help you explore a new form of support.

Call to register today and receive                  information on times, dates and rates.

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