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Anuradha Pandey, PhD

Yoga Nidra, Yin Yoga, Hatha Yoga Classes Meditation, Holistic by Nature in Hammonton NJ

Meet Anuradha Pandey, PhD, an accomplished yoga practitioner and educator with roots in India,
the birthplace of yoga. With a Doctor of Philosophy in Education and over a decade of experience as
an Assistant Professor in India, Anuradha brings a unique blend of academic knowledge and yogic
expertise to her teachings.
As a 500-hour certified teacher by the World Yoga Federation, she is well-versed in yogic philosophy
and principles. Specializing in Yoga Nidra, Anuradha delves into the realms of self-understanding and
inner exploration. Her passion lies in conducting workshops and personalized yoga therapy sessions
that cater to individual needs, promoting healing, stress management, and overall well-being.
Anuradha's profound understanding of anatomy, physiology, and therapeutic applications of yoga
enriches her ability to create safe and supportive environments for students of all levels. Her
compassion provides personalized instructions to help students on their yoga journey.

Anuradha Pandey Yoga

Healing the Mind

Krista Panas Yoga

Krista Panas

Krista is a current Stockton University student majoring in Social Work with the goal of entering into private practice therapy, with an emphasis in mental health and grief work. She is a 200HR-CYT in hatha and vinyasa styles, as well as an additional 20HR certification in yin yoga. Krista offers a meditative and calming energy into her classes with a focus on breath, mind and body connection. She believes the power of healing starts from within and is here to be a guide in your journey towards peace.


Yoga classes/availability- I plan on offering yin and hatha style classes, yin being a more meditative class and hatha being slow/intuitive blend of a class to get the body moving. I’m available Saturday mornings and Tuesdays and Wednesdays in the afternoon after 3pm. I had the idea of possibly offering an 8:30am class Saturdays and then a 5:30pm class on Tuesday and Wednesdays  pending the schedule of the other yoga instructors and their offerings. I also would love to add a once a month class or seasonal class to honor the moon cycles (new moon yin and full moon hatha) or fall equinox slow flow and winter solstice yin etc. 

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