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              (Individual Optional With Request)

Coping with Change through Dance/Movement Therapy: Group members aim to acknowledge
changes in their lives and foster resilience through expanding movement vocabulary. The group
facilitator utilizes dance/movement therapy interventions to enhance adaptive capacities,
promote emotional regulation, develop self-awareness and insight, and practice effective coping
strategies. This 45-minute session may include gentle warm-up, movement exploration and
guided movement patterns, and community engagement through activities and appropriate

Expressive Movement Exploration: In this 45-minute session, group members will engage in a
variety of movement activities to enhance self-awareness and increase appropriate emotional
expression and regulation. The group facilitator will guide participants through collaborative
movement patterns with an emphasis on interpersonal skills. Activities may include structured
dance/movement therapy interventions alongside other movement techniques, such as elements
of Authentic Movement, multicultural movement profiles, and mindfulness.

Women’s Empowerment through Dance/Movement Therapy: Group members embrace the
female experience, through active movement exploration and emotional expression within a safe
environment. Women who are experiencing disruptions in self-esteem, difficulty with body
image or sense of self, or heightened stress in interpersonal relationships may benefit from this
focus on cognitive, emotional, and physical integration. This 45-minute session may
include gentle warm-up, structured dance/movement therapy interventions, mindfulness and
community engagement through related


Destiny Foster, LAC

Destiny Foster is a Stockton University graduate student, currently studying for her Master’s degree in counseling.  She graduated with her Bachelor’s degree in the Health Sciences with a minor in Holistic Health from Stockton’s undergraduate program in 2020, with the original intent of becoming a Speech-Language Pathologist.  However, along the way, she began to recognize the importance of nurturing the mind, body, and soul alike.  Thus, she has landed here, at Holistic By Nature.  Destiny has experience working with both children and adults with minor to major physical and cognitive disabilities, as well as ample experience caring for the geriatric population.


She enjoys writing, reading the densest books she can get her hands on, and thrift shopping for rare finds.  She is an avid weightlifter and believes in the importance of daily movement and exercise to coax the mind into a state of reflection.  Her professional goals include working to destigmatize the taboo associated with mental illness, as well as to help her clients realize that the strength to succeed has always been within them.  One thing she hopes to do is encourage her clients to “break the mold,” so to speak.  That is, instead of trying to squeeze yourself into a mold not meant for you, break that mold and create a new one.  She has the loudest laugh a human being can muster, and she intends to use it to her advantage when counseling clients. 


Destiny will be working as our newest Life Coach, while cherry picking ideologies from Existential and Person Centered theories, and finding her own personal style along the way.  She will also be managing a great deal of behind-the-scenes social media and outreach for Holistic By Nature.  In the future, she hopes to work with survivors of abuse, victims of trauma, and those suffering with severe anxiety.  

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