Rosemarie Quintana, Reiki and Herbalism Specilist

My name is Rosemarie Quintana I am a 41-year-old Bilingual female. I am a certified in Reiki Practitioner as well as in Yoni Steam and Herbalism specialist. I offer these services as well as my natural handmade products. Reiki is an ancient healing technique used on the principle that the practioner is able to channel into a patient’s energy channel by means of touch or no touch via meditation. The objective is to activate the patient’s own body so that it may therefore restore physically and to balance the individual’s emotional well-being.


I have been working with and for the community in numerus positions for different companies over 20 years of experience. I now have my own business with a diverse line of products for the women of today who look for the best natural beauty and body products. I take much pride in using the best natural ingredients to have an end product of the best quality. I am always striving to find more ways to serve the public