Specializing in Anxiety Treatment, Depression Management  and Trauma Intervention


Living with Anxiety can create a fragile or unsecure environment left untreated it can lead to unhealthy relationships and poor boundary development. Difficulty in assessing the difference between imagined threats or real ones. Managing anxiety may help reduce physical pain in the body as well as improve judgment. Anxiety although can be seen as a natural survival instinct hyper active can cause harm. It may place us in a position where we are on the constant look out for things that may go wrong. It may cause the  little things to feel like mountains because we can  find it challenging to manage stress effectively. It may create uneasy or awkward social interactions even lead to isolation. Anxiety is so much more than just simple worry. Do you ever start to just feel sick to your stomach or maybe avoid others for fear you will be judged? Easily bothered by loud noises or startle easily to sudden sounds?  Research has supporting information toward the use of CBT as an effective model dealing with anxiety, fears, phobias due to its focus on distorted believes ; the root cause of distorted thinking. This approach my help in relieving some the symptoms associated with anxiety in combination with meditation and natural approaches.


 Depression is a serious mood disorder and can cause  interference with daily living. It can create appetite and sleep disturbances,  even alter how you think or manage situations. Its important to recognize that there is nothing to be ashamed of, in fact reaching out for help is courageous . It can cause feelings of sadness, guilt, loss of interest in socializing with friends or family; even cause you to experience angry outburst. You may even notice  that you are having some difficulty remembering things or possible thoughts about hurting yourself.  Also physical symptoms such as  lack of energy, aches and pains can be related.  Depression is treatable. Lifestyle changes in combination with therapy and/or medical intervention have shown to be effective. Increased physical activity, diet modifications, stress reduction, while learning to manage symptoms may lead to success.

"Knowing your own darkness method for dealing with the darkness of other people" -C.G. Jung



We are social beings and part of daily living involves maintaining relationships. There are new ways to build relationships now a days that weren't an option  in the past; such as on the internet. Due to limited off the clock time a person may have in today's working society, this form of meeting someone new, may be convenient. However interferences in healthy relationship development  may have a variety of different sources with the current times. Some of those interferences involve the average amounts of time spent on social media sites and high work place demands just two name a couple. They may be  possible links creating disruption with  relationship growth. Having a strong social circle is extremely important for our own self-esteem, this isn't the same as having many friends or likes on social media pages. Its understandable that our fast track lives in today's society may create some barriers ; however learning ways to manage or overcome these situations in order to successfully build a social network is necessary. Relationships should be reciprocal or mutually beneficial; this applies to school age children just as to adults or a person of any age. Challenging each other to set technology , in order to have an in person conversation without divided attention, is key. Learn something new about your friend today.  Will you say... challenge accepted...?

"Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding ourselves." -C. G. Jung

Couples Therapy

Relationships may sometimes become complicated. From small to large life challenges. Things such as daily stressors may weaken the stability of a healthy relationship. Being unable to cope with these circumstances becomes a threat to a relationships longevity. Couples dealing with situations such as infidelity, difficulty communicating, financial  issues, differences in parenting approaches, intimacy issues, or even chronic illness, may require additional supports. Utilizing approaches and techniques from the Gottman method to educate couples in that conflicts aren't always avoidable due to every mind being a world of its own. Learning how manage conflict are skills that may be learned. This approach may help couples understand each other on a deeper level, as well as provide education on conflict management and not conflict resolution. Trust and commitment to one another are reinforced to promote a lifelong relationships as well as the incorporating of positive psychology approaches; where its believed that perception dictates happiness.

"You are what you do what you say you'll do." -C.G. Jung


The thing about trauma is that if you are alive you will experience it at some point in time. Treating trauma is recognizing all of its components. Meaning trauma effects us behaviorally, just as it may also create psychological and even physical impacts on our body. Trauma outcomes are determined by many factors. Things like  the age of onset, how long the exposure lasted and even the likeness of reoccurrence. The development of supports within the family, community as well as understanding family history is important in the support of strengthening resilency.  Trauma processing can be healing and life changing.

"I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become." - C. G. Jung

Adolescent Therapy

Working with youth should be approached in a team manner as in combination of  individual, group or family counseling services,  in collaboration with the school and the pediatrician's support. Our youth are faced with many challenges in daily living, to name just a few: school challenges, abusive or violent relationships, drugs & alcohol, sex , individualization from parents, etc. Parent or youth maybe your noticing your moodier than usual, something may seem off or doesn't make sense, it may be a good indicator that counseling may be helpful. Sometimes seeing a counselor for little things can help you avoid a bigger situation. Parents if you find yourself  repeating yourself over and over, with no results ,keep in mind that it could be related  to: depression, anxiety, behavior problems, stress, school  related issues, self-esteem, drugs & alcohol, and/or grief.

"Until you make the unconscious conscious it will direct your life and you will call it fate." - C. G. Jung